About us
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About us

Vök Baths boasts a collection of serene geothermal floating pools. The site is located on the gorgeous Lake Urriðavatn in East Iceland.


Throughout the centuries, people living around Lake Urriðavatn noticed certain spots on the lake that curiously did not freeze in the wintertime. The Icelandic name given to these ice-free patches is Vök (plural Vakir) and their source was discovered to be underwater hot springs streaming up to warm the surface from deep under the lake. Before the hot water was discovered, people were convinced that there were some kind of monster living on the bottom of the lake that either melted or broke the ice.


Iceland is famous for its geothermal activity, however, the eastern part of the country is home to comparatively fewer hot springs, making Vök Baths a rarity in this sparsely populated region.

Completed in the summer of 2019, Vök Baths is Iceland’s newest geothermal destination and boasts the country’s first and only series of floating pools, allowing guests to soak in the hot water, within and surrounded by the lake.


The floating pools take their shape from the ice-free patches on the lake ice, created by the hot springs in the lake.
The design and architecture of Vök Baths complements and embellishes the essential qualities of the environment to communicate our deep respect for Icelandic nature.
The architecture of Vök Baths is by Reykjavík-based Basalt Architects. The interiors are a collaboration between Basalt Architects and Design Group Italia.

Our Environmental Ethos

We harbour a deep respect for the environment and are committed to upholding excellent standards of sustainability in every aspect of our business. We make a determined effort to avoid all use and disposal of plastic where possible, and packaging is organic and recyclable. All wooden features at Vök are made from ethically sourced trees raised and felled in East Iceland.